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This site is a representation of my work and interests. Most of what you will find here is related to computing, or more specifically: Command Line Scripting.

The tutorials and examples on this site are intended to enlighten and assist people wanting to use command line scripts for automation and administration in the dark world known as 'IT'. The examples are not intended to be 'turnkey' solutions, merely a starter for providing enhanced functionality in your Windows based environment without needing 3rd party tools or expensive programmers.


I host this site because I believe in the sharing of knowledge. Much of what I know has been gained from sites like this, hosted by people that have been prepared to share their knowledge with others. I hope that you find the information on the site useful. If all I do is offer some idea of what is possible and what can be achieved, then I have been successful in my intentions.

Happy browsing. Any comments can be sent via the contact page.

I have added a new script for download called the Server Status Dashboard. It is a script that builds a real time report on the current status of servers and provides a limited amount of information about them. It also has an RDP link for each server which give easy remote destop access. Details can be found in the Advanced Examples
I have been doing a lot of work in the Windows 2003 arena and have been making use of the many improved commandline features. I have updated some of my existing scripts to use DSQUERY as well as a few other new things sand have written a few new scripts. Watch this space, I will post these updates soon.
I have updated the file sorting script in the intermediate section to have more error checking and a filter function. The script is now fully interactive and has multiple confirmations before renaming files.

Additional features are:
  • Display summary of rename operation before applying
  • An UNDO script file is created as part of the rename operation. If you don't like what it did, just run the undo script
I have done an extensive update on the SRVSTAT script in the Advanced Examples. It really is worth a look if you're into that sort of thing. It can be found here.
Once again, I have done an extensive update on the DISKTREND script in the Advanced Examples. I have completely re-done the script into a single file, and added lots of additional features. I have changed it to use CSS files for easy formatting, plus added a couple more bits and lots more error checking. It's now in a state where you should be able to simply run it without doing anything. It can be found here.