Scripting Examples

The examples shown in these three pages are some of the scripts I have used (and still do) in my daily operations. Many of them were written to achieve a specific goal, but some have just started small and developed over time into something significant.

All the commands and scripts can simply be copied from the web page and pasted into a text editor. Because the advanced examples are a lot more complex, I have provided them in .ZIP files from the download page. If you use a proxy that dis-allows .CMD files within archives please let me know and I will zip them up with alternative extensions so that they can be downloaded.

Note: Please also be aware that I am not in the USA, so all my scripts use the international date format, i.e. DD/MM/YYYY. If you are in the USA and would like to use these scripts, please remember to adjust the format, or contact me to find out how. I do hope to be adding some form of intelligence to deal with this in the future though.

The Simple Examples page shows how many things can be made slightly easier by knowing and using command script. Many of these scripts do not even need to be saved as a batch file, they can just be run from the command prompt.

The Intermediate Examples page shows some simple report scripts and general automation. This is where knowing your stuff can start to save (or make) you money.

The Advanced Examples page shows some very complex, well developed scripts that contain enough intelligence to surprise most Windows engineers.

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